North Texas Giving Day 2021

North Texas Giving Day 2021
Posted on 09/09/2021


September 9, 2021

Greetings, Newman Families,

North Texas Giving Day is September 23!

We can hardly wait to share our very cool goals for this year.  But before we do that, let’s take just a moment to look at all that your giving accomplished for our students this past year!

Our goal last year was to raise money specifically for transportation and technology.  We are thrilled to report that we were able to purchase one new school bus and five people movers!  We have also become a 1:1 Technology District!  That means that every student on all of our campuses has access to a Chromebook every single day! 

Thank you so much for your faithfulness and generosity in helping to turn these very large goals into realities for all our students!  Now, let’s do it again!!!

This year, our goal is to provide Mobile Science Carts and STEM Kits for each campus, so that we can take our Science and Math programs to a whole new level.  These elementary STEM Kits and secondary Physics Carts are products of Physcira, whose mission is to develop a world-class, K-12 math and science teaching force in the United States.  The carts provide hands-on experiments, which nurture real-world knowledge of math and science and uplifts our students’ classrooms to an international level!  Physcira’s mission lines up perfectly with the Newman Vision that Dr. George wrote about in the Charter which the State of Texas approved back in 2010!  We will finally, because of your generous giving, be able to provide these excellent tools to every student on every Newman campus!

Additionally, our State Charter includes the Animal Sciences and Botany Program that we are introducing on the Cedar Hill campus, where we have lots of land that can be utilized.  We already have huge salt-water fish tanks being moved into the Lambert Building, and funds collected in our North Texas Giving Campaign this year will also help to build sheds and fencing for the horses, goats, sheep and chickens, as well as purchase feed and supplies.  Our Botany Program will use Giving Day monies to build the beds to grow vegetables for our Culinary Arts Program which is currently under development as well as to enhance our science programs. 

Just imagine using our new transportation to carry students from each campus to visit the farm animals at NICH!  Visualize our kiddos feeding the livestock, learning about the seas and oceans, having hands-on experiences as they learn to garden.  Can you imagine getting to harvest our first crops?  Better yet, picture the delight of getting to eat something that they helped grow!  Additionally, our high school students can go to Cedar Hill to complete numerous endorsements, such as Veterinary and STEM! 

You can help make all this possible through your financial gifts on September 23!

I you are able to give just $5.00 for each of your students who attend Newman schools, we can easily raise over $15,000 for the District to continue these projects.

Therefore, each Campus Goal is to raise $5.00 for each students enrolled.  If the campus makes their goal, each student on that campus will receive a Free Fashion Friday dress day!


But please don’t limit yourself.  These projects will require much more than $15,000 to accomplish fully.  With your help, however, we can make these dreams a reality in very little time.  Will you please consider giving your very best gift on September 23?  Of course, it’s tax deductible, and your students will be the recipients of all the great opportunities listed above.

Thank you for your kind consideration to participate in this year’s North Texas Giving Day at Newman.  We are doing great things for our students, and we appreciate your help!

Grateful for your partnership,

NIA District Team