Gibbins Groundbreaking

NIA Gibbins Groundbreaking
Posted on 05/06/2021

NIAA High School Ground-Breaking Ceremony

Newman Academy has officially purchased the High School Campus in north Arlington, our Gibbins campus!  Included within this purchase, Newman has endeavored to renovate portions of the campus to bring about some amazing improvements to both the instructional and athletic programs.  It has been a strong desire of many Newman families to have our own athletic field, so that Newman athletes can play regulation football and soccer home games on our own ground.  Today, we can officially say that this dream will soon be a reality, as Newman has partnered with Waltz Construction to build a state of the art, multi-purpose athletic field that will allow us to host both regulation football and soccer games!  The goal is to have the new athletic field ready for play by mid-fall, so that we can all enjoy this new experience as early as the 2021-22 fall sports season. 


Also included in the Gibbins campus improvements plan are some exciting amenities in the area of instruction.  With the addition of 8th grade this year, we recognize that there is a need to continue building out our STEAM program to allow for greater access to academic resources that will enhance our students’ educational experience.  We will be installing a brand-new classroom wing with an art room, a science classroom with attached lab, technology classroom with attached media production studio, a radio studio and a band/orchestra room.  This new classroom wing will bring a whole new look and feel to the Gibbins campus, as Waltz Construction has partnered with top-notch architectural group Orcutt-Winslow to deploy Newman’s iconic logo and colors throughout the facility using modern, cutting edge designs. 


As we embark on the Gibbins renovations in the closing months of Newman’s 10th year of operations, it is our hope that the new athletic field and classroom wing will stand as a grand display of the efforts that have gone into making Newman the amazing school that it is today.  Our Ground-Breaking Ceremony is slated for April 20, 2021.

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